How to care of silverware

Silverware can change color, but if you use it regularly and take care of it properly, you can maintain the original beauty of silver.

Here are some ways to care for your long-term patronage while enjoying the aging of silverware.

■Silver products may darken the surface if exposed to air for a long time. This is called sulfide rather than rust, and it is discolored by sulfur compounds contained in the atmosphere, so it does not fall apart like iron rust.

To avoid discoloration due to sulfidation, do not place silverware near gas cooking utensils and do not wrap silverware with rubber bands.

■Please wash after use. If you use lukewarm water when washing away, it will be hard for traces of water to remain.

Do not soak in water. Rinse well so that detergent does not remain. Be sure to wipe off water immediately after washing.

■Wipe off sebum stains such as fingerprints.

■If discoloration is remarkable, it is effective to use a commercially available silver cleaner. Avoid using a hard cloth.

■When storing silverware, wrap it in a soft cloth and put it in a plastic bag with a zipper to prevent exposure to air.

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